Friday, 6 May 2011

Always Be My Baby..

You'll always be a part of me..
I'm a part of you indefinitely
Man..don't you know you can't escape me...oooh Darling coz you'll always be my baby.....

I like the way he bwk dis song.. compared to Mariah Carey, i think he bwk dis song far away better, far away sexy. Actually, wheneva i'm in a good mood (really a good mood like kinda love-in-the-air mood hehe).. you can hear dis song at my fon played repeatedly without feel boring lgsung. dh aku suke lagu ni..the suara..waahhh so sexy. I can't imagine if my macho darling pegang mic..sing dis song to me.. pengsan terus aku kot haha.. 

After wat had happened recently, my mr.lovey spent more time with me.. why ya? Is it coz finally he realized what love is all about? or is it coz.. he juz wanna be with me rather than be wit someone who claimed she loved but so called depan lain blkg lain la.. mcm lagu rihanna, unfaithfull ngeh3. Whateva it is.. i'm glad, happy and perasaan berbunga-bunga lately...:-)

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